Empower your business with
top-notch liveness tech

Proofaceâ„¢ is a white-label liveness technology that fits right into your verification flow. Make fraud and spoofing attacks a thing of the past with surprising ease

  • 2-4 secs

    to pass authentication

  • Millions

    of checks performed annually

  • ~1 hour

    to integrate Proofaceâ„¢

  • Superior AI

    with 7 years of training data

  • Fast track your technology
    Fast track your technology

    Skip the expensive and time-consuming step of developing your own liveness technology. Get advanced AI right out of the box with years of training data, a dedicated support team, and regular updates

  • Enhance user protection
    Enhance user protection

    Stolen selfies are all over the darknet, so forget about relying on 2D authentication methods. Instead, use bulletproof biometrics to fortify business without slowing down the onboarding process

  • Detect cutting-edge spoofing attempts
    Detect cutting-edge spoofing attempts

    Fraudsters never stop inventing new ways to attack. Stay ahead of the game with an advanced solution that stops deepfakes, video projections, and other scams right in their tracks

How does Proofaceâ„¢ work?

  • About Proofaceâ„¢

    Proofaceâ„¢ is an advanced 3D face-scanning technology capable of detecting all kinds of spoofing attempts, such as deepfakes and hyper-realistic masks.

    To authenticate the user, Proofaceâ„¢ creates a 3D face model to determine whether the user is a real person. On top of that, Proofaceâ„¢ facial identification software can compare authentication data with IDs and database entries.

    • Face match
      Face match

      Prooface matches the user’s face with the provided ID photo to determine document ownership

    • Known face search
      Known face search

      Matches the user’s liveness data with other entries to prevent or eliminate instances of multi-accounting

  • Functions

    • Strengthen two-factor authentication
      Strengthen two-factor authentication

      Use 3D face verification as an extra step to protect user accounts, helping your business stay fraud-free and trusted by real clients

    • Screen risky actions automatically
      Screen risky actions automatically

      Require liveness checks at every crucial step of the customer journey: phone number updates, high-volume transactions, and others

    • Prevent multi-accounting
      Prevent multi-accounting

      Stop multi-accounters in their tracks by combining regular liveness checks with Proofaceâ„¢ known face search and automatically match authentication data against your existing user base

  • Modes

    • Still capture

      All it takes to get verified is a quick glance into the camera

    • Action capture

      A quick turn of the head and the authentication process is complete

    People-friendly facial biometrics with 99% pass rates

    • Works

      with a slow internet connection

    • Easily

      recognizes various nationalities

    • Compatible

      with all modern smart devices

    • Verifies users
      Verifies users

      with glasses, beards, and makeup

Top of the line security

Proofaceâ„¢ has been tested by iBeta in accordance with ISO/IEC 30 107-3.

With Proofaceâ„¢, you will be safe from the most innovative spoofing attempts, like high-res videos, reverse engineering, paper masks, lookalikes, lifelike dolls, and many other vectors of attack.


Make Proofaceâ„¢ look the way
you want

Proofaceâ„¢ is your face identification technology provider; the rest is on you! Add your own logo, change texts, URLs, choose the languages you need, or even load your own CSS file to tailor the experience to your clients.

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